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Date: December 26th 1942
Millie (sister) and Donny

Dec 26, 1942

Well my dear Millie and Donny.

It was like this. I don't want to repeat all about the adventures of Tom. ? in London on Xmas - but read the details in the other letter to mom. I felt horrible and now I know how Donny must have felt when he used to fall asleep half way through our New Year's parties.

Now that Xmas is all over - and Donny has come out of the cellar for a change. I'll wish you a happy New year. I received mom's and Esther's parcels about 3 weeks ago and today I got all the letters that have been missing for the last 2 months. That's a real xmas gift.

By the time I suppose Paul and Tommy have about calmed down and maybe even get the chance to play with their own toys. And according to Ann she said she was going to join the army to get away from there before the kid's xmas party. I suppose she managed to live after it was all over - she always does.

Never a dull moment when the Passes and I get together. Is mom sticking around for xmas or has she taken her winter vacation at Ottawa too? With another Mike in the Mike family she'll have to cook bigger Sunday dinners than ever.

I'm glad to hear that Esther drops in occasionally. I only hoped that she might have been there for Xmas day. It would have been a big break for her. She writes very often - letters and airgraphs and airmails and lots of love. So Maybe she loves me, huh. I have a million letters to write tonight to clear them all up before I leave England so I'll have to leave now. A reminder. Frank and I are both in good health so don't listen to any rumours if they do start.

My love to those little gentlemen Tommy and Paul.

Best to you and Donny