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Date: October 25th 1942
Esther (sister)

Dear Pasqualina,

You know damned well who that is and don't try and duck it. I just got your letter of Sept 12rh, long time ago wasn't it? By the sound of it, it was worth waiting for. Now my mouth will be watering until the parcel gets here. I hope it doesn't decide to start swimming across. But as soon as it arrives its receipt will be acknowledged with thanks at once.

My lucky day today, 8 letters from home - 3 from Ethel, yours, Ann's, Nellie, Jean James? And one for Frank. I forwarded it after I peeked. Only a little peek though. Does all that new taxing affect Bill or will you have to raise more children? You had Patty to boss Marie and Marie to boss me, but now surely Marie will have to have someone to bow down to her. It must be fairly quiet with Patty at the Abbey all day with Marie to holler twice as loud to make up you can tell the little squirt that I miss her. I hope she hasn't changed too much by the time get home. And I'll bet with you teaching her for the past few years patty knew all the answers when she started to school. She probably made a new decision every day as to what she wants to be when she grows up.

Now that Father Baker has let you win 1.50 you'll probably be bitten by the Bingo bug, it's very contagious and hard to cure, ask mom. I've still got it here. I won the equivalent of about 4.50 the other night. The only trouble is that they don't have the games often enough here. I'd like to play every night. It would keep me in camp and even if I didn't win at Bingo I'd probably still save money in the long run There is a town not far from here and I can't dance the way they do(jigs, etc.). Ask Miss Ahearn, she knows what they do. And the pictures are so old that Tom Mix needs a shave or has gone bald headed by this time.

I don't mind this new station too much. The food is very good and the work not too hard. Being in the country it has its modern inconveniences but I don't have to visit the can too often. I've heard from Frank and he's on the move again. He sounds well and contented. Nellie Lattrulo made the best guess as to where I am, so she wins the hand engraved bedpan.

I hope pickings were good for Bill. So far as that pen was concerned this one scratches and stops writing. It drives me nuts I wouldn't have had this one if I hadn't paid Frank a visit. He's a good kid. Every time he writes me he tells me he has everything I need. All I have to do is write and let him know what I need. I call on him for cigs when that ship is delayed and he always gets his stuff quit a while before I do. But I don't really need anything except one of mom's good old time meals, and I haven't been able to get near London for a while to get a poor imitation.

I can't tell you too much so I'll close with the news that I'm happy, well, fit, fat, and hope that all is well at your house.

Love to you and Bill (whoo, whoo), Patty and Marie

From your brother, Tom
Your brother in law, Tom
Your Uncle Tom Ok

I'll write again as soon as the parcel arrives.