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Date: October 5th 1942
Esther (sister)

Dear Es,

Thanks for the snap of Patty and Marie. It didn't look right with Patty so happy and Marie so glum but now that her rash and asthma are cured she's probably sorry that she hasn't anything to cry about. They certainly look healthy. I've also received Laura Seconds and snaps from Mike and Marge and their two little "butches" don't seem to be suffering from lack of food. Now I'm only waiting for pictures of Tommy and Paul and I'll have the full "Rogues Gallery"collection. Sometimes it's better to see them all without hearing them, but I don't think I'd raise one little objection if I could be right there with all six of them climbing all over me and shouting in my ear.

I'm glad to hear everything is going so well with you and Bill. He needn't worry about being shipped off to B.C. for a while. From what I hear it's an awful place but just the same it's still part of Canada. Now that I've had a good look at all there is to see over here both from the air and on the ground I'd even appreciate a good look at nothing on the Prairies Provinces.

Since I've been on my new station I've been getting my mail regularly from Canada but the parcel don't seem to get this far. My last parcel was the one from mom with the pyjamas and the one from you and Millie (the second one) also the first lot of 1000 cigs, but nothing since, except for the Laura Secord's from Mike. That means I've gone about two months without having received cigs. One of these days if they haven't been lost, about 4000 should reach here together, according to the letters and promises in them.

Both you and mom seem to be taking good care of my money; keep track of it because I can't myself. Every time I mention something about my new station and its activities and the surrounding district it's been censored so I'll have to keep mum for now. Hitler has ears and the walls have ears so I can't use my mouth.

I had a postcard from Frank; he's being moved again but he will write as soon as his busy season slackens off. We're still both in very good health and will write when possible. The boys back home are either deciding to get married to avoid conscription or else everyone must be suddenly falling in love because I seem to be the only bachelor left. I'll still try to cure that when I get home, if I don't weaken here.

I suppose "Maryann" is the expected arrival Mike and Marg mention in his letter. He doesn't seem to be too busy raising children but good luck to both of them. That'll be one more squidger to keep mom occupied besides bingo.

This pen I'm using is one I got from Frank. I hope he doesn't lose the one he has left. Thanks for the letter and I'll answer as soon as I receive your package.

Love to the kids and the best to you and Bill.

Your brother Bill's bro-in-law