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Date: September 5th 1942
Esther McKnight (cousin)

Over �ere

Dear Mrs. McKnight,

Is that too high brow. I should call upon "corny" for those attempted wise-cracks, but I didn't even smile. Well, Paparools. I've got to thank you for writing and at the rate they keep shifting me around this island it's a wonder any mail can catch up with me.

I'm glad to hear that you and the baby enjoyed your holidays - while poor Herby was sweating and slaving, that's usually the way it goes. Poor Pappa. I've heard from your sister Nellie, she's a good kid.

I don't know how she ever happened to pick up a twerp of a sister like you and I'm too far away from you to give me one of those socks in the arm.

I've finished a 17 day leave so I wasn't doing too badly for a while but now they've caught up with me and tucked me away in one of those god-forsaken country spots.

I'm bored to death but have managed to survive. I've visited Frank for a few days while on leave and we had a good old get together.

We're both in the best of health but who wouldn't be living deep in the heart of the country. If we can't fly we can learn to grow potatoes and milk cows, etc. But I couldn't stand that for long. I'd like to let you know all about my doings here but the censors would only rip it all to pieces.

So be satisfied with a nice short note until I'm in a position to tell you more.

Wishing you and hubby and baby all the best.

Your cousin,