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Date: August 8th 1942
Esther (sister) and Bill

Dear Sis and Bill,
You too Marie and Patty. Thanks for the letter. My good times are all over now. For the last four weeks I've been on another special course-to adapt me for coastal command. They've cut down on a four month's course and are stuffing up our ____. I mean down our throats in 5 weeks. Only one more week and two week's leave.

Of course I've been spending the summer at a summer resort. Yes this is another one-just like New York's Coney Island. The only one's that realize there is a war on around here are us poor buggers who have to fly all night and study all day. Never a sign of an enemy plane or a bomb in the district-but that can't last forever. And Frank is still in training. Neither of us will know for a while just what they'll do to us. But it can't be too bad since we're both due for good breaks.

Within the past few days I've received 1300 cigarettes-1000 from you all and 300 from cousin Phil. Frank must be getting plenty too because he sent me 300 when I was short. All I've got left from my last parcel is a tin of peanut butter- and the tin of meat balls. I haven't found a place to heat them as yet but pretty soon I'll be into them. Anything which you find hard to get in Canada don't send. I'd appreciate a few blades in each letter. I got the last two. Thank's again.

I don't know just what to do about that cheque. You see Ethel and I were saving on a joint account. If you like to you can cash the cheque and send her the money. The main thing is not to touch it unless you have to, for mom or the family. It's for my future, if I have any! If not you'll always know where to get hold of it. That's what I think. Now you can tell me what you think.

I'm glad to hear that you're all getting along fine. Marg's rash better, the house getting along fine, mom in good spirits and Ann and Bill and Patty and so on…

I've got to study for some more exams - all my life….

Your brother, Tommy

P.S. Will write you again while on leave ok.