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Date: July 6th 1942
Esther (sister) and Bill

Hello Es and Bill

And Marie and Patty too!

Am still roaming around enjoying the beauties of England with nothing else to do but kill time. I'm surprised, agreeably of course, with the way that I've been receiving mail and stuff from home. I've received at least 6 letters from Ann (with razor blades in every letter), several letters and a parcel from Millie (shit paper and all), parcel and cigarettes from Ann and Mom and I hope that all your letters keep coming as often as they do.

I wrote my last letter to you while in hospital but it was merely a skin infection, nothing serious. I'm out and around again now and am going to try and get some sick leave and get up to repay Frank's visit to me. He stayed here where I'm stationed for a few days but had gone to the Collinses in London before I got out of the hospital. He certainly has a lucky break. With his new unit he need only fly a maximum of 30 hours a month - and gets the rest of the month off. It's better than working for a living. The women do all the hard work here as it is. They run the shops, the busses, the railway stations, dig roads, etc. In fact, they even run the men. They look so much healthier in general than the English males.

I'm still at the seaside for the summer and it won't make me mad if I can stay here for a long time. I've found where to go swimming, where to golf, and all the best dance halls and movies and have made quit a few good friends. Occasionally they bother us with some scheme, mock air raids or evacuation,

but after several days preparation the whole thing boils down to a half hour's workout then I can get back to sleep again.

There's not much more to say now but I'll write again soon. I'd appreciate the toilet articles, soap, a bit of paper or blades. Thanks for the good wishes and hope you are all in the best of health and here's an extra scratch for Marie's behind.

Love to alll,
Your brother,

R102787 R.C.A.F.

P.S. How is the conscription affecting the men there - whose been called? If you or Bill find a spare fountain pen around…here I am without one as someone stole my last one!