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Date: June 28th 1942

June 28, 1942

Dear Ann,

Thanks for everything! I've received some more letters from you. They're coming in faster than I can read them-but boy I certainly don't mind seeing them stacked up. And I've received a parcel and letter from Millie, a letter from Es and all the enclosed razor blades-3 from you and from Millie. That's very clever and I do appreciate them so don't stop sending them.

I can't understand your not having received any mail as yet from me. I've written home at least once a week and sometimes oftener so I expect that by this time the mailman will be staggering up with the load - or else the Germans have been reading them first. I've had about six offers for that lighter- anywhere from $5-$15 but am still hanging on to it. I've got it safely tucked away and will use it only if necessary. If there is a cheap fountain pen kicking around the house will you send it over or perhaps Bill could pick one up at the University for a sample. Someone admired mine and got away with more than merely looking at it. I'm fortunate in that it's the only thing I've had missing since I've been here. There are quite a lot of curio seekers and they even go right into your rooms when you're not there to look for things. Allora - one pen gone!

I met Frank last week, he was on another of his usual 2 week holidays and I was enjoying a 2 week rest in the hospital. he looks as healthy as a little nigger. He actually looks his age now. But he certainly does look good. I was in the hospital for a check on my ears and stomach but am out and around again now. I'm not on any roll call so I only need appear for pay parades. A vacation at the RCAF expense at a swank resort. I'm taking full advantage of it too.

All the rest of my gang have been posted to a training unit and I'm just hanging around looking for a good spot to get into. This is the best place I could hope for but you can't stay here too long. They've got everything here-good food, good clean billets, all variety of amusements and good fresh air. Frank couldn't wait for me to get out of the hospital. He left some smokes (the lifesaver ) and went on to London to visit the Colllinses. He wrote me from there so that he must be really one of the family by now. They have a young son with whom he chums around and I gave him the address of a good Italian restaurant I found so he won't want to leave London for a while. One of his fellow pilots spotted me here the other day and mistook me for Frank's brother. I wondered how he guessed it! All in all - Altho I'd much sooner have remained in Canada it's been great here so far and I'm sure Frank wasn't bragging [remainder of letter missing]