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Date: May 5th 1942
Esther (sister)

Hello Es,

Still aboard ship somewhere on the North Atlantic. Touch wood - haven't been sick yet but the weather has been calm and not too cold. I can't describe any part of an ocean trip - because it's been too foggy for the last few days to recognize any of the towns we've passed. This is a very large convoy - about 30 ships in all with a battleship and aircraft carrier thrown in for luck-our good luck. We have very comfortable cabins-tiled bathrooms and all the trimmings-although there are 7 of us piled in here. And since most of our time is spent inside the cabins-we're fortunate in having a good one. Meals are fine with an orderly to wait on us-although there quite a few hungry looking cockroaches ready to jump on us at the slightest excuse.

The only thing lacking is excitement-no activity of any kind aboard ship in the ways of games or sport. Of course there is a wet canteen and plenty of crap and poker games-but I expect a week's leave on reaching the other side and I don't want to be broke or getting over a hang over. I always did think drinking was to be reserved for special occasions-and there's no special occasion aboard ship.

We've really got our international flavours aboard this ship-women, children, Polish, Yanks, Army, navy, Air Force and nurses-but with about three hundred troops milling around-the nurses and females keep well out of sight. We keep anticipating enemy submarines nor aircraft-but outside of a few depth charges dropped by one of the other ships-nothing has happened to disturb our trip. I was kept very busy on the first two days looking for an iron to press two shirts that I had washed but I finally did find the iron-and now everything is back to normal again.

I suppose by the time that the O'Hearns and the Collins have fully occupied the house -what an Irish combination. Patty and Marie may learn to sing Erin-go-bragh along with "Giovanazza" and "Maple Leaf Forever." They'll be well educated even before they start school. I miss little Marie-"Little Scratchy."

O yes I did mention $20 that I assigned to you-it had to go to a near relation and you are my sister. Ethel is poling her savings and mine together-so that you can get the cheque to her at 14 Connor Ave., Toronto. It's pretty serious isn't it? I will need something for the future-and I think she'll get quite a sum together for us-unless she goes foolish and joins some one of the female units. It may all seem a little involved but I think you'll unravel it all.

I'm not sure about my new address just yet-but I won't be able to mail this until I get t my destination and then I can put my address on the envelope.

My regards to Bill and love to you and the kids,

P.S. Haven't started on your paper yet!