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Date: December 19th 1942
Esther (sister)

#3 Mendora Rd.,
Fulham, London,
SW 6

Dear Sis,

Thanks for your letter #? of Nov 1st. Well for your information it was #7. I'm glad to know that you received the pictures and the same applies here. The Collinses were very pleased with snaps that you sent and still want one of Bob Collins, Bill's father.

You aren't the first one to tell me that. I'm an uncle again. 1. Mike, 2. Anne, 3. Millie, 4. Mary Longo 5. Tom, 6. Ethel, and I even think it was in the war communique and oh, yes, Uncle Cosimo told me about it too. And now you told me about it too. Get a move on choom!

You asked if I was still instructing. No Esther, I quit instructing since last August and since you asked if I were fighting, yes Esther and enjoying it too. Now I'm my own navigator and gunner. After six months of real tough flying, dog fighting. Aerobatics, night flying formation, rhubarbs, etc., they gave me two weeks leave so I'm making it a real homey one at the Collinses. Xmas leave and embarkation leave just happened to coincide. Before very long I'll be fighting the Japs.

You wanted to know what I'd like for Xmas. Don't send me any clothes. I still have the wrist watch Mike gave me, and still have a pen that writes. Your writing kit is still new. I can't think of a darn thing. I'll let you know in a couple of week's time. How's that? You might send me some canned tomato juice for Xmas.

So long for now Es.

Love to all the family, Pat, Marie, the Collinses, especially Bill, The ARP warden

P.S. All ARP wardens are nosy. Maybe Bill is a fire watcher.
Here it is Dec 23 and I still haven't mailed your letter. So I'll write a few more lines about Xmas in London and get you jealous. I spoke to a girl last night who claims she has a turkey for Xmas. She put her order in last August when it was still an egg. Her girl friend has a chicken. Her girl friend invited me for Xmas but I've refused because we're having turkey at the Collinses.

Was out shopping today at after scouting around for two hours I finally was able to buy a package of envelopes (no coupons required). I was nearly out of cigarettes so I dropped in to see what the R.C.A.F. Overseas headquarters would do about it. They gave me 300 cigarettes to carry me over Xmas and New Years.

You haven't mentioned what you'd like for Xmas. A wing, a fui, an oleo leg? I'm going to universal brasserie (caf鬠to you) tonight and see who else is in London that I know. Everybody either starts from there or ends up at the place it's in Leicester Square. All the line shooters go there and compare notes over a glass of beer.

"There I was at 3000 feet..night was as black as could be - magneto and accumulater were shot away and all lights went out. Could I see? No, not a thing. What did I do? I let down as low as I dared, struck a match and there was the ground below me. Match in one hand and stick in the other I finally managed to land safely. Phew!" Truth is stranger than fiction but we never tell the truth.

Give my love to the kiddies. Pardon me, to the young lady Patricia and her sister Marie. Love to Mom and Ann and all the Collinses.

So long, Frank