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Date: September 12th 1942
Esther McKnight (cousin)

Dear Pepper,

And how are you today? Now listen to me for a change - when you address me as Sarge stand at attention and don't you dare open your trap until you're addressed. I got your letter Aug. 7, 1942 and also your 300 Buckinghams. You really shouldn't have sent the cigarettes, honeypot, but since you insist O.K.

My sister Ann is sending me cigarettes quite regularly and most of them get here sooner or later. Thanks, Esther. And you too, Herb. I won't be bumming cigs for a month or more. Boy am I ever popular around these parts. We never have to worry about a fag at this squadron. No sir, not while I've got any.

I'll bet little Margaret must be quit a lot of bother at her age. You say that she gets into everything and that there isn't a thing that she can't get into. Let's see her get into the air force. You say Herb is too short for the air force. We have a kid here no this very squadron who is shorter than a strawberry short cake (my mouth is watering). He's an observer, probably uses a periscope to look out the cockpit. He's a good four inches shorter than me and I'm only 5'3 �". I do hope he can get in the navy. It's a grand organization. Senior service, you know! And of course you can always join the watchers. During an air raid you get on a chimney and see the whole show for nothing. That would be just in your line Pepper.

I received a huge parcel from Millie a few weeks ago. Golly she put everything in it but the stove and a can opener. We've got a few stoves here so please tell Millie not to send the stove. My sister Ann tells me that things are being rationed in Canada. I'm beginning to feel a bit sorry for you folks in Canada. Let me know what you are in need of and I'll make out a parcel and send you some things you need. I had an apple a few weeks ago, a little puny green crab apple. Some friends in England gave it to me. When things get tough over there you can come over here and look me up and I'll see that you get everything they want to give you. I had an egg for breakfast this morning. Yah! I'm sending back the cartoon and have reversed the

Prenu (?) as how it looked to me when I was in Canada in training.

The Sergeants here in the mess can't get much music on the radio so they are playing a few records over and over again. - "Tangerine," I Got a Date," "Drummin Bay," String of Pearls," "Marie," "Stardust," and a few records by Artie Shaw and Bing Crosby. The records are nearly worn right through.

I'm going to run in now for a bit of supper. After supper I always put in a few pieces of bread in my pocket and eat again at the billet. You should have seen another chap and I heating a can of spaghetti in our mess - tins over a fire. Not a bit like home but the basic foods were there. The other pilot is an American from Virginia. He talks like a Texan and, so help me, he has darn near everybody talking with a slow southern drawl.

I really must close this letter. So long, Pepper, for now. Regards to the family. Good luck, Herb, I may see you over here yet.

Your loving cousin,