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Date: April 20th 1942
Esther (sister) and Warden

Dear Sis and Warden

Got your letter of March 17, 1942 and found it most interesting. This makes 3 letters from you and ARP. Thanks, Esther, for the letters and the parcel too. Of course you received all my other letters and the one to #1 Aberdeen Avenue. I say again that I received one parcel from you and by the time that you get this letter I'll probably have received the other parcel you mentioned in your letter of March 17. You said you were sending tobacco and papers and canned goods. If the parcel gets here by this Friday I'll take the tobacco to Sgt. Collins (Thomas to you) and I'm sure he will appreciate it very much. You see Es I'm going down to the Canadian Beaver Club, in London, for a week's holiday and hope to visit all the Collinses and I may see Cpl. Amato there, too. Who knows I may see the King and Queen. Here's a tip for you, Es, - if you send tobacco to me please send pipe tobacco only, not cigarette tobacco, as there are no papers to be had anywhere and besides nobody roles their own. Either they are too lazy or they just don't know how but they just don't roll them.

Tobacco here is about 65 cents (2/6) an ounce and cigarettes are about ten for a shilling. If you insist on sending me pipe tobacco you may as well avail yourself of the opportunity offered by the tobacco companies. They send it to us at 1.00/pound. I'll be glad to square things with you some other time when I get back. I can't wait to see what is in your next parcel-my nails are all bitten down already.

Stamps are quite difficult to get. Supposing I buy a series of stamps at Woolworth's-I don't know the first thing about Philatrophy or is it Philatrophia? I'll look around though and I'll probably end up with 1000 stamps all blue 2 � penny ones like the ones on the letter.

I found a whole flock of golf courses around the aerodrome. They're honeys and I can play all day for a shilling. I can get a set of clubs cheap enough but where can I get enough balls? That's a problem. I'll have to play every second week and spend the other time looking for dandelions (you know)

I'm in the peak of condition. Hope you are all doing fine. The little Nigger and Patty the broomstick-give them my love. Regards to all the family, the Collinses and the Scandiffio's and the Passes. Good luck to Tom (Sgt)!

Your loving brother,

P.S. I can just see Bill standing on the roof every time a Taylor Cub goes by.