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Date: December 15th 1943

H102549 Tpr. Rimer, M.H.
2nd. Armd. Reg. Ld.S.H (R.C.)(CA) C.M.F.

December 15/43

Dear Mom
Here I am again with a few more words. As yet I haven't received quite a lot of mail which I expect is on its way over to me, nor any of the parcels, but I hope that it will be here soon. There's nothing new with me, still feeling O.K. and well. In 10 days it will be Christmas, that should be about the time you receive this, that is if my mail is reaching you promptly. This is my second Christmas away from home & the last I hope.

On New Years is your anniversary (Remember Pop!). I'm hoping that you & pop will be the best in wealth & health this coming year & that you should see us home soon when we will go out & really celebrate your anniversary in a style that it should be. I want you and pop to go out New Years & celebrate as you never have before, just you two & forget about everything for the nite & when you write & tell me that you have, then I shall feel happy. Believe me mom after what I've seen over here, I'm only too glad to do my share so as that you back home won't have to live like the people of this country do.

Whether I joined up for adventure, as you always said or anything else, I see now that it is the only thing to do, then you realize what you have in Canada regardless whether you are rich or poor. Money is no good to you if there is nothing to buy & thats exactly the way it is over here. So even if you have money, you are poor. I hope you & pop bear up to it, like Abe & I are, as long as we know that you are well & happy thats all we ask, so for our sake & yours, go out, celebrate. You can feel as proud of us as we feel of you.

You & dad must resolve this year that it shall be the happiest you've ever had & when we come marching home, we will be proud of you for it. So folks, I'm quite a distance away, but with my heart and soul, "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" & may all the rest of your days be in happiness & peace. As the eldest, from Abe, Rita, May & "Tootsie".

Your loving son