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Date: February 14th 1949
Mrs. Quinlan
Ottilie Criksen

Wayne, Alberta,
Feb. 14, 1949.

Dear Mrs Quinlan -
Last time I was in Calgary I went up to Eatons to look for you, but did not see you, and I did not stop to ask somebody where to find you. My Niece wrote me and asked, if you ever got the information about your sons grave at Esbjerg, Denmark, and if not, she would be glad to do what she could to get further informations. My niece is working at social welfare work and is in Copenhagen at the time, but she has relations and friends in Esbjerg who will look in to it. I have heard that some had their relatives sent over here for burial, and may be you had your son taken over too.

Did you ever go over there? I am going to Denmark, leaving in the middle of March, for a visit. If there is anything I can do for you about the before mentioned I will be very glad to do it. My niece said she never heard from you, and she wanted very much to find out everything she could for you.

I would be very glad to hear from you about this. My niece has been asking me few times about words from you, so for her satisfaction too I would like to hear if you found your sons grave. My niece spent some time at the graveyard talking to the old grave-digger who told her about all the sad things he had been witness to and about all the people he was forced to bury, and she was anxious to help you the best she could.

Hoping to hear from you, I am your very truly,

Ottilie Criksen,
Wayne, Box 54,

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