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Date: May 1942
Dennis Quinlan

May 1942
[only partial letter, beginning at page 5]

('Scuse please the chance in stationary).

I wasn't feeling too ambitious for I had a bit of a cold - so I stayed home both evenings except for a walk with Irene. She certainly is a grand girl and has a very nice boy friend.

They all think Bryan is a real 'lad' - evidently he was down at Upminster not long ago staying with Auntie Bree + went over to visit Rita. He eventually arrived home after they were all in bed + rather than wake them up to let him in he climbed through the front window + slept on the couch! How typicaly "Jeepish"!

Tuesday afternoon I called in at Auntie Lilly's shop + we had 'tea + cakes' - I had Fran's picture with me + she thought it was grand. Also showed her your last letter Mum.

Also, at Auntie Bree's I discovered that Jeep had been in Upminster just the Saturday before - how he managed it I'm sure I don't know for he only had one day off - not hard to guess what all the attraction in Umpminster is?!

Things have been rather quiet for me lately and I am expecting my regular week's leave just before the end of May - am quite uncertain as to how I want to spend it. I very much doubt if I would find London in the summer time very attractive.

And it certainly is summer, like out now though there is very little sun. However it is warming up considerably + the days are ever so much longer which gets rid of the old 'blackout' bugbear.

Coming back to your letter Mum - I can well imagine Fran making a 'hit' with Glenda - they always love her. I showed Aunt Lilly the snaps you sent and she 'pinched' one of you + Glenda. Am really looking forward to the results of yours + Fran's 'cooking spree'! I am a pig aren't I? Fran explained about the fare Mums - naturally whatever you find yourself able to do is what I would wish Mums.

Here I am starting a whole new sheet but there isnt much more to write Mums - I do hope my letters manage to tell you something and be a bit interesting but it is so difficult with the censors as strict as they are with the little I do write. When I read some 'exerpts' from English letters in the 'Journals' Fran sends me, it quite 'gets my goat' to see what some chaps write + get away with whereas I seem hardly able to even mention I have been flying - let alone when, where or what in!

Reserve all that for when I come back eh Mumsy + in the meantime keep smiling - all the very very best to everyone. Do you see anything of Dick + Stan these days?

Oceans of love + kisses,


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