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Date: July 29th 1941
Dennis Quinlan

Tuesday, July 29, 1941

Dearest Mum -

Gee your phone call last night was certainly a surprise especially since my call to Fran had just ended.

However, it was lovely to hear from you Mum but you didnt sound so well - got to keep that old chin up Mumsy. Perhaps a good long rest is all you need and by the time that's over well I'll be back anyways - the way things are going right now.

Sinse arriving here we have done a bit of plotting and had one practice flight which went just swell.

Now, all we are waiting for is the weather and according to the schedule I am not do to leave even for the east coast until Thursday morning & even then there might be a few days lay-over before the long hop.

I am anxious to get across though especially now that I am this far, extra days in Montreal are certainly no use to me - not when they are dished out one at a time.

I seem to spend practically all my time eating & slurping - there is very little else to do though I seem to keep myself busy rushing from one office to another trying to find my Pilot, arranging about baggage & all that.

I can just picture how you would love to see me in the new uniform - it sure feels 100% You & Fran & I could certainly have a lovely time here in Montreal - but there's no use day-dreaming is there?

There is very little news to tell you Mum - both Olaf & Burtt have already flown to Moncton and are still waiting to go over. As soon as I arrive over there I'll send a Cable Mums but don't expect it on any certain day from when I leave Montreal for we may be held up anywhere for some time.

Before I forget my bank account is with the X Dominion Bank, Dominion Square, Montreal.

Savings A/C #4558. You can, if you wish, make deposits in Calgary but please Mum don't feel you have to. I only had to open it here so that the R.C.A.F. could square up my pay account X & deposit the balance there.

You know that if you need all the 80.00 & at times you undoubtedly will, Mum, well its yours. Naturally though, the more we can save the better position we will be in when I get back.

I am going to write Jep soon - I guess you should be seeing him one of these days eh Mum?

And oh, as far as I know yet my best address is: --


If I find I am able to send you a more direct one I will when I get over Mum.

Well Mumsy darling it's night-night for now - I did love the phone call ever so much - and keep smiling Mum. Then, I'll be able to too.

Oodles of love & kisses,



I don't blame you at all Mum for not taking the suite without the bath once she promised otherwise. Hope you are able to straighten it all out.

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