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Date: May 12th 1915
Alexander Ewen

Frid. May 12, 1915

Dear Friend pretty near the end of the week again but I expect to be busy by Sunday so I took the chance and write you now but it is just ht e same thing doing fine for we are beating them at every move. What do you think of the Sinking of the Lustania but they won't play that game mutch longer I still think I will be home for Xmas. It has been raining here for the last two days but has cleared up now and getting nice and warm. We are into tents again just the [?]. We have [?] trucks when we move so we can easily carry them around with us we don't have to do no marching all the marching I want is through Berlin but I will have to wait for a while yet. I don't want for nothing out here but some of Spring bank water. Send me a paper again just some times I get them don't say muctch notice to papers whether we get them or not still I get lots of reading. I [?] read more novels Since I came over here than I did for the last 10 years but lots of days I am done with my work early you wont be able to get me up in the mornings for I do like to stay bed now. The [?] is still in [?] so you can guess by that the Army is keeping us pretty good never had no trouble getting it up to us same in the trenches all gets lots to eat. They have stopped the Rum issue we got rum twice a week all winter but now since it has turned warm we have to go without it. The last place we was at I had gallon jars saved up I packed it in a box when we moved it got broke on the office floor. The Captain came in thought it was oil but we knew better but said nothing so that was the last of the rum for us only we don't need it we are always dry and under a ruff of some kind. Well this is about all I have to say have some nice yarns when I get home if I dont forget the places I have been my memory is not mutch better yet this leaves me well hoping you are getting better with the summer days. Is Annie still with you or are you alone house cleaning will be on now I wont bother about beating the Carpet in this room of mine for a while yet just as happy as a lark out here but I wish this war was over and back home.
As Ever Alex.
Hello Jean Marion + Baby nothing but Kisses for you to day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.