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Date: August 23rd 1943
Mrs. W. M. Mouat
Violet A. Thistle (Sec-Treas.)

Canadian Prisoners-of-War Relatives' Association
Victoria Headquarters
1013 Government Street, Victoria, B.C.
August 23rd. 1943

Mrs W.M.Mouat,
Ganges Harbour,
Salt Spring Island. B.C

Dear Mrs Mouat:-

I am sure that you must be greatly relieved to learn that your son is a prisoner-of-war. I wonder if there is anything that we could do to help you with your next-of-kin parcels etc. There are certain foods that may now be included in the parcels which we are able to obtain, such as chocolate, chipped beef.

We also send cigarettes and books to the boys, cigarettes have already gone to your son from British Columbia House in London.

The enclosed information may be of help to you.

Your truly,

Violet A. Thistle
Phone. E.4164.

This is the contents of a parcel that I sent to a prisoner on Friday
It weighed 10 lbs. 12½ oz. which left 3½ oz. for wrapping etc.
There is no postage. Weight when packed 11.lbs.

2. Shirts (fleece lined)
2. pr. Draws " "
1. Shirt (grey flannel)
1. Suit Pyjamas. (flannelette) striped
1. Towel (white)
1. Wash cloth
4. Handkerchiefs (blue)
2. pr Grey woolen socks.
2 .pr Shoe laces.
1. Shoe brush
Shaving soap
Toilet soap
Razor and blades
Tooth brush
Tooth powder
Shoe polish
6. chocolate bars Chocolate plain.

This parcel cost $16.00
We could not include food in this parcel as there was not room.
The Red Cross cable had asked for warm clothing for as he had just come out of hospital.
The Red Cross supply each prisoner with a parcel every week, also a capture parcel which includes some clothing.

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