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Date: August 13th 1943
Mr. Mouat
Squadron Leader

S/Ldr. J. M.----
R.A.F. Martlesham Heath
Suffolk, England

13th August 1943
Dear Mr. Mouat

Before you receive this letter you will have had a telegram informing you that your son Pilot Officer W. I. Mouat has been reported missing. Please receive on behalf of myself as his commanding officer and his many friends in the squadron the great sympathy which all of us feel with you in your great anxiety.

In my opinion there is a great hope that he is alive. On the afternoon of July 11th, 1943 he went with his Flight Commander to Belgium to attack locomotives and barges. When they were attacking some barges two enemy aircraft came behind them and fired at great distance. His Flight Commander gave the order to climb into the clouds and last saw your son entering the cloud. Whilst in the clouds, your son gave a reply to his Flight Commander's call but this could not be understood. That is all we know.

There is a possibility that he is a prisoner of war, in which case you will either hear from him direct or through the Air Ministry who will receive advice from the International Red Cross Society. Your son's effects have been gathered together and forwarded to the R.A.F. Central Depository, where they will be held until further news is received, or in any event for a period of at least six months before being forwarded to you through the Administrator of Estates, Ottawa.

Your son was very popular in the squadron and was Deputy Flight Commander. He was always very keen to have a crack at the Hun and to help, far from his home, the fight in the cause of Freedom and humanity.

If you should require any further information, please do not hesitate to communicate with me.

Yours sincerely

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