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Date: January 21st 1941
Ivan Mouat
V.L. Denton

Department of Education
Provincial Normal School
Victoria B.C.
January 21, 1941.

Ivan Mouat, Esq.,
Mouat, AC2 - R74978,
No. 1 - Manning Depot,
Toronto, Ont.

Dear Mouat,

We were glad to hear from you and to see that you had been whisked away to Eastern Canada for training. You will enjoy the change of scenery, climate and general environment.

Yes, those are mountains at Jasper. The backbone of a great continent should have worth while piles of rock. Maybe in time you will see the Alps, from above. They are high enough, though not as long as the Rockies.

I would gather from what you say that you would hardly trade Salt Spring Island for a lot of prairie. The sameness of each village is monotonous. It will be a long time before individuality is secured. But that is the price one pays for grain, more grain, too much grain.

We envy you the opportunity to see the hockey games. When Toronto plays Boston at Toronto on Saturday evening, you may picture a lot of British Columbia with their ears pretty close to a radio. At least it is true in my house.

We wish you every success in your work and hope that you are able to bag a few "Stukas" before the big show is over.

Yours sincerely,

V. L. Denton,


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