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Date: November 22nd 1916
John McLean

Nov 22/16

Dear Mother:-

I sent you a letter a few days ago. But we have moved nearer the firing line since that. We are only a short ways from the lines now where there is awfull heavy fighting. We can hear the guns quite plain and you cannot emigene what an awfull noise it is. it just sounds like a thunder storm coming up only if all the storms I ever heard were put together they couldn't make any more noise so you see just about what it is and then we are Back from them so it must be just awfull up there but the Boys are all quite contented and just waiting for the time to come for us to go. the poor old Hun is sure getting his fill of it here now and I dont think he is going to get much rest either. I saw a little village that has been shelled. But not Bad. and it sure is a deserted looking place too you cannot emigene what it is like. But say this sure is a fine country some of the lovelest land I ever saw is all being worked. The climate here is just about like it is there only not quite so cold. There has been snow once but only a little. But one thing we have is lots of mud. all the Bay Boys are fine and are together now in one platoon but we have to be put into our own cos yet but will all be kept together then. we dont know when we will go to the trenches but dont expect it will be for some time yet. But I would rather be here then in England anyway. There is a lot I would like to tell you. But then it wouldnt do. you know.

Well how is every one around there anyway. There is about 2 dozen letters I should write but I cant get a chance I have been 2 days writing this one. now. tell Anna and Kate to write often even if I cant get time to write to them

Is paw still in The Sault. tell me all the news when you write. well I guess this is pretty near enough. for now. But will write again as soon as I can. I have not had a letter since I left England but they have not had time yet to get over here but will be here soon anyway.

Well I guess I will close for now. Be sure and write soon. and send some sox.

Love to all,



Pte J. McLean
no 754576
73rd R.H.C. Canadian inf Bn
c/o army post office
Nov. 22

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