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Date: May 21st 1916
John McLean

Niagara Camp
May 21/16

Dear Mother:-
Well we got here all Right but pretty tired and sleepy but we did not do hardly anything yesterday There is about 12.000 of us here. all you can hear is bugles bagpipes and drums. There is some dandy bands here and one bagpipe band. we are just back from church parade now. We get up at 5.30 every morning and have breakfast at 7. the grub is good but not half enough of it. I am hungry all the time There is a great big Y.M.C.A. Tent a little peace from here where we can get as much for 15c as we get all togather when we get both it is a good meal. This is a pretty place but awfull muddy. the trees are all out in leaf and all the orchords are in blossom. it is just about a month ahead of up There. Say Hamilton is The prettiest place I ever saw we came Through the outskirts of Toronto but we were away in The west of it. We didn't go only just in the Edge of Hamilton but talk about fruit. I never saw such a pretty sight as it was just this side of There.
There would be farm after farm with 10 or 20 acres all fruit trees and all in blossom. We are going down town after dinner to see what it is like we passed The little falls at Niagara falls. we could see it quite plane. from the train it was 10-30 when we got here. we were at Toronto at six There was two trains with 16 coaches on and two Enginers. Harry Hicks came down with us and tried to run away at Webbwood but was caught. he is under arrest now but I dont know what They will do with him
The Bay Boys are pr..... split up - Swim a..... all That is in my ten..... The Bay but we will..... all togather I Think ..... least 8 of us in Each ..... it was pretty chilly ..... but it is hot today ..... say I put some ..... peelings onto a flag ......

Hello Kate.
How are you anyway. I suppose you had a great time keeping house while Spouter and Maw was away. did you see me on the train find out who got that flag I threw off. How is Collie and Ida. has he had any more pains since. I guess .....

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Original Scans