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Date: June 1st 1916
John McLean

June 1/16

Dear Mother:-
I got your letter to night. I am sorry to hear about Thomas but look here he had no business to try and keep us from dancing he knew it was The last night we would be together in EchoBay and I dont Think That he done altogether Right by interfering and trying to stop The dance. Now all he said to me he asked me when I started to clean up the tables if I was surley going to dance and I said sure he said well you might have some Respect for your King and Coutry and he walked away of course I asked Fred Armstrong if we could dance and he said to go ahead. the time was got up for us and we could do what ever we liked but I dont know as Fred had anymore to do with getting it up Than Thomas but every one else was in favor of it only him and The fellows all Think he done wrong by trying to keep us from dancing. Bools and The Micks had no Business butting in. They never done anything for us while we were There. I guess Bools did offer us meat for any time we were haveing but Mick's did nothing That I know off. There is no use of me trying to get the Boys here to write or sign anything for The wont They are all mad at him but I will write to him myself and I dont know where They got Their ground to say he interfeared with me for That was all he said Earnie & Jimmie are getting on fine. There is another long route march to-morrow But we can stand it. Every Body is fine and all seem to be haveing a good time no one seems to be homesick at all. They are getting on all Right. I wrote to George Tillie to-day. There is Talk amoung the men about us moveing to Barrie Camp But no one I know yet. General Loggie say we are second Best Battn in Camp after he inspected us.
Well I guess This is all for now Write soon. I am going to have some pictures taken this week and will send some home you can give some of the (B) some if you like [?] I will send some money day after to-morrow.
Write soon
Love from John.
PS tell paw to see Thomas and tell him what I have said I will write to him anyway

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