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Date: June
John McLean

Niagara Camp.

Dear Mother:-
Rec your letter to-night I didn't send any money till Saturday and I guess you would get it on Monday I had a letter from Aunt Sallie to-night Thanking me for the picture of Jim and I and one from Miss McLeod and Tillie and Jonnie McWatters so if I answer all of Them tonight I will be kept pretty busy but That is about all I have to do at night I never go down town at all. There is nothing to go down for. all There is down There is Lunch Counters and ice cream parlors.
I am not doing hardly anything now only standing around. I am glad you got The other colt. Things are going pretty good down here now. the grub is pretty good. We dont get very much but it is all first class what we do get. I always get Enough but a man That is a big Eater would go hungary sometimes I never have yet.
Dunk came back to-day and he says Dan weighs 160 lbs and is a devil of a tough looking [?] he says he is a brute to fight and he looks Silly. A bad looking fellow and I guess he is as bad as he looks too did Anna go to the Sault. I was going to send her $2 but I borrowed $3 from Clarence Hurley and he wanted to send some home so I gave it to him.
That story about Willis is all [?] he has not been sick a day since he came down here. he is playing leap frog and jumping Every night so he cant be very sick. I got a pass to go the The falls on Sunday but There was no one Else going That I knew so I didn't go at all Jack Smith was over to Toronto on Sunday to see Maggie. She lives There. Well I guess This is all now write soon I will have to answer Aunt Sallies lettr to night. last night just as I was going to bed I heard the bugle calling general alarm and some one calling fall in so I grabbed my Rifle and hurried Every body in my tent out and we fell in and Ran to where the Battalion lines up and marched to head quarters about ¼ of a mile. it was just to try to see how quick we could get out and get formed up in the dark. Some of the fellows were only half dressed but They all had to go as quick as The could. well I will close for now how is Every body tell Kate I got some snapshots taken and as soon as They are finished I will write to her and send them to her.
Write soon.

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