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Date: August 29th 1916
John McLean

Aug 29/16

Dear Mother:-

I have left Bramshott and came down here for a 10 day corse in Bombing. There is only one Corpl. from the 119th with me and it is a little lonesome we came here on Sunday and wont get back till a week from Friday But I am going to try and get a pass and go up on Sunday if I can to get my mail there should be some there for me By that time it is 2 hrs Run on the train from here and there is no Canadians here at all. we are Billeted with the 27th Middlesex Reg. They are all Englishmen. But they use us fine. They keep us up till 10 o'clock at night telling them about Canada. There hasnt Been many Canadians here and they think it a treat to have us with them. I am sending some English heather I picked coming from the shool at noon. it is like little Bells when it is growing and it grows all over. Say if you can for God sake send me some Chum tobacco I havnt had a decent smoke since I came here only cigarettes and I dont like them they are Just the same as we get there But I am sick of them now.

How is Every Body? How is old Ira. is paws lump any Better and what is he doing tell Kate and Anna Both to write I cant get much time now. But will try and get 2 letters a week sent from here. tell George Lillie to write too I will write to him as soon as I get time. I will try and write to Aunt Effie too tonight. I am Just waiting for the canteen to open so I can go and get a supper of sausage and potatoes. They are a treat to us. over here They eat their supper at dinner time and dinner at supper time it is pretty hard for us to get use to that. all They have for dinner is cold rice and that dont suit me very well. These fellows will take it and a piece of my dry Bread and have a good dinner But we always get Butter. Believe me when I get Back home I will eat like a horse for a while.

I havnt had a meal in the Regemintal cookhouse since I came here. we always Buy our own at the canteen so we can get what we want. I dont think we will Be here very long till we go Back to Canada and we cant go to quick to suit the most of us fellows. How is Ida Mason and Collie. and How is Kates Family and Sam. tell her she is to call one of the family Moodie Joseph and the other Marie Adolphus. then she will have the whole family. we are only a short ways from London. this place is about as Big as the Sault only it is all in one place and not scattered like the Sault when we meet any of the fellows from here down town they will say Hallo Canadians. But sometimes when we are talking to them we have a duce of a job to understand them. But they nearly all talk like Old Polly. Well I guess I will close and go and have an 8 penny supper. Write often.

Love to everybody


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