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Date: October 23rd 1918

1546 King St. W.

Dear Mother,-

I am still down at Dymple's but will go back to camp to-morrow. I want to try for leave home so will go back and ask them for a month's leave.

It was a surprise to get Reg's wire although I had been kind of expecting it. Was over at Gauld's and Flora said Reg had enlisted with the R.A.T. Harvey Gauld is home now heard him on the phone, haven't seen him yet.

Mr. Ferguson's wire was the first I had heard of Jack's death. I phoned to the camp and told them to send all his things to 2219 Smith Str. Regina. There have been several of the fellows from Leaside go under but the worst seems to be over now. You will have to take every care at home.

Reg. hasn't reported yet unless he has done so to-day. He had a ford on Monday and we went out for awhile. There isn't much doing in Toronto now with all the theatres closed. I haven't been out so haven't missed it. Did I tell you I've been posted to camp Leaside as an instructor, quite a good job. It will be all right for a while.

Have two letters from you & one from Pa here.

Reg. gave me Camplor[?] & socks. I'm wearing both. Thank Mrs. Duncan won't you?

Pa is still playing golf - I'd like to get home now for some games.

Will write or wire you definitely about leave. Hope you are all well. With love to each one.

Your son

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