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Date: October 24th 1915

Pt G. Broome No 440955
A Coy 32nd Battalion
Risboro Barracks
Oct 24/15

Dear Mother

I recieved your first letter yesterday and I was very pleased to get it for it seems a long time since I heard from you.

I am glad Papa is getting along alright. I guess he will be better off working for someone else.

I receied Mrs. brothimer's letter near the end of last month and answered it.

It was too bad about Mrs. Hearn I guess Archie took it badly.

I have seen Jim Henry and Bentley and several more of the belfort fellows in the 65th. They all seem to be enjoying themselves. It was too bad about the squire boys. Mrs. Squire will feel bad I suppose.

I have seen Jack Tressider he is Coy sergeant again He is looking well. Goodwich is in London. He just came out of the Hospital at Hamslow. Percy Newport is still alive. Jack Tressider was telling me he heard about him a short while ago.

I beleive I told you I was up to London I stayed with Uncle George. I did not see Grandpa as Uncle was sick and I did not have much time for I did not get there till supper time and had to leave after supper the next day. Aunt Mary is well. She is stouter than she used to be. Uncle is about the same but he looked pale and a little thin. He still has the same hearty laugh. The girls are well. They are both Big girls now. Muriel is still a little snippy but Mildred is like Uncle all over. They both made a fuss of me. George Jr. is a funny boy. He took to me right away. Uncle and Aunt say he is just like me as a baby. Mrs. Cheverton is still moving around. Her eyes are bad though if she cannot see at all good. I saw Mr Cheverton too He left soon after I came. I do not remember him very good. He looks pale and a little grey. Aunt Mary says that Grandpa is quite happy now. Aunt Abe looks after him very well and he very seldom go to see Uncle George at all. She was laid up with fright whe I first wrote to Grandpa. The Zeppos were around London and dropped bombs around there somewhere.

We have been taking a course of musketry the last two weeks. We go to the ranges every morning about 6 o'clock and come back abut 2 or 3 o'clock. They are about 3 miles from here. We are usually pretty tired by the time we get back. I think we will be through about the middle of the week. I am going to try for a long pass as soon as we get through.

Well I do not know of anything more to say just now. Oh you might see Charlie Lancaster and tell him I have not recieved a paper since August and give him my correct address.

Give my love to all the kids and Goodby with lots of love from
Your loving son

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