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Date: July 7th 1917

121 Brookmill Rd
St John's S.E. 8

My Dear Milly

You will think I am a long time answering you letter, I know you hear from George very often we saw him last Wednesday Auntie Abe and I, he was not so well all of a shake I dont know if he had caught a chill the Sister gave him something hot to drink with some brandy in it, he Felt a little better after and she got a blanket and put over him poor boy
I hope to see him on Wednesday Auntie Abe went up by herself to see him a fortnight before when I had something on.

I daresay you have heard by your papers we had a bad Air Raid last Saturday week about ten in the morning a great number of Aeroplanes they looked like a flock of pigeons up in the air only a great height up, there was a lot killed and a lot injured I have sent the paper for you to see.

I had a letter from Beatie soon after I got your last I have not answered it yet I hope the children passed in their Exams you must tell me when you write again I expect you will be moved before you get this you will find it very very expensive moving all that way I hope you will settle down ther alright I saw the photos of Maple Creek on the Post Card G. showed us a fine looking place. You asked me about the Jersey people I have not heard from them for nearly twelve months I should think I wrote several months ago but have not heard from them I dont know if the U Boats have anything to do with it, I must write again to hear where they are

Young Sam Dimeut is out in France went early in the Spring he belongs to the R.E. road making and repaving I head from him the beginning of June. they had a sale the 2nd of January and sold of all the stock for Uncle Harry is to old to look after it, and Myra is married her Home is at same Hotel in Somerset I forget the name of it Sam told me about the time or soon after you was saying in your letter about the price of things it is something awful to go shopping meat 1/8 a lb eggs 3c each and butter we cannot look at about 2 a lb now it has been more cheese 1/6 a lb so you can gues it is ruff times with us, bread 1/4 lb loaf.

I dont know when the war is likely to be over not this summer now I dont think they are preparing for another winter we have had three years of it or very near now we shallall be glad when it is over.

I hope you are all quite well as it leaves us at present with love to all in which Abe joins write soon and tell us all the new

from your loving Father
S. Hucter

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