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Date: August 17th 1944
Kate and Tot

8404 Echelon, R.C.A.F.
Aug. 17, 1944
Dear Aunt Kate & Tot:

Thanks for your letter which I received yesterday. I was thinking just the other day how we used to pop in on you from every direction but could never catch you without the tea pot on the stove & an apple pie or chocolate cake you first must have cleaned up—and we were the boys who could do it.

So you are still in the sheep business. I see thousands of them over here, especially up in Scotland. From the air they look like a bunch of ripe sow thistle all over the hills. The country around the camp is nice for farming except that their fields are all shapes and sizes with rows & rows of trees & hedges in between. I imagine paw would go crazy if he was farming them—but they are level & very few boulders. There are some lovely wheat crops around here. I would like to go out and do a bit of stooking but have been so busy working nites that I haven't got around to it. However, we are getting results and that's what counts. They keep us jumping around from the right to the left flank of the invasion where ever they (the Jerries) send out any shipping. The squadron is supposed to be going to a rest station for a couple of months, probably a prelude to another boat ride—we are wondering. We boys sure are doing a grand job and our boys are no exceptions. They gripe & groan but still keep at it. I often think they would be very unhappy if they didn't have something to bind about. At any rate I'm not a bit sorry I joined up and am not even homesick. The boys are mostly all yearning for home but it doesn't make sense to me till the job is done. I see the Gov. is apparently preparing to do their best for the boys, when they return, in the form of gratuities.

The new landing on Southern France seems to be going along fine. I hope they meet up soon. I haven' t heard from Elmer D. lately but I suppose they're so doggone busy he hasn't time. However, I'll continue to write because I'm sure I'd appreciate mail in his case. I have a feeling somehow that Jim is O.K. now that I've heard that two of the same crew are P.O.W.'s.

Well it looks like it'll be about a year before we get back to give you a hand with the hay & eat up your strawberries & cream. Until then I'll be eagerly looking forward to it. My love to you both and now I'll say so long to my favourite aunties.