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Date: January 17th 1943
Mother and Father

Jan. 17, 1943

Dear Folks:

Well another two weeks has passed and things are beginning to happen. I got moved down to maintenance from flight, so I've been working nearly every nite since. Maintenance has had about 3 nites off since [censored] like our flights sergeant like a dose of poison and he hasn't that many brains. Things are in a complete turmoil continually. He's a "limey" so & so, so that explains it. I'll get a lot of much needed experience. I put in the first Merlin engine we've done in the squadron, so that's something. Merlins are much easier to install than Mercury's.

The weather, I hear, is clear & cold in Canada—rather, Harriston way. It's cold here one day & raining the next. We have definite word we will not be at our present abode inside a week so I'll have to bid good bye to [censored]. I sure will miss this town, but it'll be warmer where we're going.

I really haven't much to say cause I've been so busy lately. Its just a case of eat, sleep, work, over & over. I'm getting a taste of real war effort now. Of course, we're busy all the time—running from one job to another—chased by our useless Flt Sergeant. We could do all the work in the daytime if we didn't have him running us all over—we call him "Panic" and he couldn't be named better. We have a new engineer officer who is very nice. The last one we had was absolutely useless for anything & as far as engineering goes—well, it was pitiful—a Canadian too.

I've heard from Bet [his sister] within the last two days. She's getting to be quite a writer. I suppose she has more hours to spend and it serves as a past time for her. It would be slick if she could get work near home.

The old battle sure looks bright eh? Boy, those Russians, well enough said. I figure we'll be going into France in another month or 6 weeks and possibly Norway. I'll hope we make it short.

This letter must be boring, but honestly I have nothing to say but military secrets, but I'm feeling fine & getting lots to eat. Hope you're doing likewise.