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Date: August 23rd 1942

No. 404 R.C.A.F. Squadron
23 August 1942
"A" Flight

Dear Folks:

Just a few lines to let you know I'm still alive and able to write—after a fashion. No doubt you are all fine and happily busy—which I wish I could say, but if I'm lucky—as usual—I'll be very busy soon. I just forget when I last wrote but I guess you know I am at a new station now, somewhat distant from my former one and north at that. Elmer said he'd tell you where I was now. It is quite a barren looking place with not a tree to be seen on the horizon. It's sure tough on the birds and dogs. Luckily there are still some tires over here for them even if they are a bit high. There isn't much to tell about because they are touchy about what we say from this little rock.

The boys down south sure took things in their hands a few nites back; I guess they mowed down a lot of Jerries. I bet there are a few less Canadians over here than there was last week. I bet they didn't know what they were getting into but that's the way of war I guess. I'd hate to run head on into a spitting machine gun but would like to fly over Germany, which is doing the same thing so I guess it's every man for his choice.

I am registered for a Flight Engineer's course now so will be having a medical one of these days and if they let me past with the plate glass, I'll be "up there" soon with "Jumpin' Jim" [his brother, who is just finishing his air crew training in Edmonton]. I guess by the time you receive this he'll be sporting his observer's wings back home. I hope he has a good time on his leave so he'll be able to really find out what a good time is when he gets leave over here. He'll get 7 days every six weeks over here. It'll probably be his luck to get sent to an operational squadron in Canada. If so he is probably just as well off. From what Elmer [other brother in army] said in his last letter he'd be in Wales for a while and then come back to Canada. I think I'll stay till its over whether I get a chance back or not.

Went into the town of the island last nite and attended a show and dance. I never had much fun it was so darn crowded, but it was a nite out if nothing else.

Pen ran out of ink this afternoon so I'm duty Joe tonite for nite flying so I'll make use of a 3 or 4 hours wait to finish it. I hope the boys are back early—if at all, so I can get to bed. There is a mountain about five miles [several sentences cut out by censors]

My next leave comes on 4th of November if we're still here—14 days, so after we get off the boat I hope to have a good time. I get letters from Wales all the time asking me to come there again soon. Christmas if possible, but I may not get leave at Christmas so think I'll take it when I get a chance. If I can make air crew I'll get 7 days every six weeks. The pilots & air crew are lucky beggars—they go on leave with kites going on a trip and have all their time to themselves instead of having half their time taken in travelling.

The old uke is sure catching it. Cpl. McFarlane is learning to play it [censored] the boys wild in his [?] [censored] him in.

I see my [censored] but I'll write again as soon as I can find something up here to write about.

So long,