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Date: April 17th 1942
Mother and Father

Friday, April 17 1942

Howdy Folks:

Well here we are, still treading water but not going either way. I wish I were somewhere I could work a bit and accomplish something, rather than do a bit of marching a bit then attend a picture show. It really is a holiday but I could spend it a lot better in other places. Today we are going to vote—yes--. It sure is silly voting only one way even [if] we do say some yes & some no. Much like a Hitler election—one name on the paper. I see so many Gov. mistakes out here that I just take them for granted now.

Was in kitchen for awhile yesterday for the first time. We had very little to do. That is one place where the hooks come in handy. I have to have an M.2 now before my hooks are confirmed. I have been running around here trying to get it but the doctors are overworked here. An M.2 is what Jim had—medical for air crew. A new form of promotion sheet is out now in which if a person has air crew qualifications they have to have an M.2 so I guess they want to get as much air crew material as possible. However, the hooks will soon be confirmed when they see my score sheet in vision. They know I'll never fly.

A letter came to one of the fellows here, from Aylmer and only 3 guys got their ‘A' group on last trade board. The boys here are sure mad because there are seven guys who missed it and English trade boards are tough. Birnbaum, the dumbest guy in the bunch, got his out of the bunch. I sure am lucky I got through in January.

Cpl. Masefield, who worked in the orderly room, wrecked his car, broke his back and killed a CWAF gal who was with him. I wrote to Fred Hobart to find out the news there but have got no answer. I dropped a few lines to Mrs. Hart & Mrs. Benner, so I am well caught up in my correspondence. I got the boots O.K. yesterday and shined ‘em up and went dancing last nite at a sailor's dance. They had a dandy band and had a fair time. All dances here stop at 12:00 so we are always home early.

I don't know if we are going soon or ever now so I'll just keep droppin' a few lines to let you know I'm still here. We are sure not a bit lonesome so that means a lot. Turett & I bought a ukelele so we have a bit of fun at home when we don't go out—which we usually do.

A guy is going to the mail now so I'll mail this with him.

S'long for now