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Date: May 1942

Edmonton, Alta
May 1942

Dear Ma:

Well I guess I won't be home for awhile now I am into observing or what you want to call it right up to the ears and I don't mean maybe. We have been here for three days and they have thrown a lot of stuff at us. However I think I can walk through it.

This is a real station. We get up at 7.30, go on parade at 8.15, dismiss and go to lectures at nine oclock and have 1 1/2 hrs. at noon and quit at 4.30 unless we are flying, but we don't start that until Saturday.

We have had cameras & bombsights thrown at us in great style and have to learn the parts. Its great fun but I image it will be a lot more interesting when we get into the air. I'll be back in dear old Ansons again.

There have been some pretty nice Yank kites landing here now and then on the way north. Sure is good to see some real fighting aircraft even if they aren't the best out.

I could have had a weeks leave between courses, which was useless to me so I got on the draft and came over here Sunday. The food is excellent, nice girls serving it and all.

Pa must be getting his seeding done early this year usually it was the first of May before he got any sewing done. I hope he can take it okay. I guess he always has before so he should do okay now. I am glad to here Bet has turned in such a good performance as you say and hope she keeps up the good work. I guess its up to her to hold up the end of the stick that the rest of us have left for a little bigger one.

What is Ed Holtom [a cousin] doing now. I hope old Mackenzie King conscripts him and sends him right up to the last outpost and leaves him there for about five years, the poor fish. Somebody should send him a whole white leghorn.

I haven't heard from Bill for ages so I figured he was likely on the water. However my getting moved might make a difference in my mail.

I don't envy Elmer much going to Prince Rupert. It is a real hell hole they say. A couple of boys from 10 R.D. went out there and they sure hated it.

We had a very formal squadron dance on Saturday night but it ended up more informal than most dances. I met more people, nice young people to, and most of the boys are leaving Edmonton except the observers. Too bad I have a course to finish or I could sure have a swell time.

I bought a new watch with the back pay I got for my hooks and grouping, a fifty-five buck Omega. It is a good watch I hope. It should keep me on the right course etc. I will send my other one home one of these days. Ed I guess could use a watch. Well I guess that will be enough for this time and I'll be seeing you sometime next August maybe.

So Long