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Date: February 1942

RCAF Crest
No. 3, S.F.T.S.
Calgary, Alberta

February 1942

Dear Ma:

Well, I guess it is time I answered your letter. I was holding off as I expected to be in I.T.S. tomorrow but it doesn't seem that way now. There are some more new rules out and we had to go down to the recruiting office for another Mr and to have an intelligence quiz and interview with the recruiting officer. There were six of us from here. They gave us paper with sixty questions on it and thirty minutes to answer them. There was quite a bit of rapid calculation and generally easy stuff. Thirty is supposed to be good so I got 48 of them done with one wrong for a total of 47, the highest so far that day. I passed the Mr for observer but still can't make pilot. I don't know what is going to happen now but I expect we'll get away pretty soon.

I am back on days again now and am also on duty watch. I have been on parade once though since Tuesday night and nobody even said anything yet so duty watch isn't doing me any harm. I went out last night by walking past the guard and again this morning. I went out on a blind date which turned out so good that I just got up tonight at 9 p.m. I miss duty watch again this morning and also church parade so maybe they won't like it but it doesn't bother me anymore. I am a temporary corporal now not just acting anymore. It was dated back to 1/11/41.

Two guys from here have washed out in I.T.S. at Edmonton, both for medical reasons. One had a bad knee, the other for his eyes. He faked the medical here but they caught him up there. They are all shipped to Trenton to be remustered again. We are losing three of our worst officers next week according to the grapevine. We know one is going for sure; he is the adjutant and we sure are happy about the whole thing.

I had a letter from Elmer [his brother] the other day and it was more like a speech than a letter. He sure is up in arms over the plebiscite business. [Plebiscite on conscription announced by PM 22 January 1942.] He says they are being sabotaged by the government and I think he is also right.

I get a 48 next weekend so I guess I'll go up to the Winter Carnival in Banff. Friday is pay day so I'll be flush. I should have over fifty by that time. I have spent thirty-five dollars a month since I joined the Air Force just on fun you might say. It hardly seems possible, but it is true. I had a letter from Less [Donaldson] the other day. He said that they go to a hospital set up on Tuesday and darned if he wasn't the first one in it. He has a bad knee or something. I guess its time I closed this and went back to bed.
So long for now.

Love JB