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Date: October 31st 1917


Oct 31st 1917

Dear Ella:-

Received your letter last night and was glad to hear that you received the pins all right. Thanks for Perry's address I'll drop him a line when I finish this.

I walked over and saw Des. MacMahon yesterday morning and he is looking very fit and none the worse for their do up north. They are just on our left and he was at the O.P. I just ran into him in the trench as I was going along. I didn't see Humph Gilbert but we're all going to meet at the club on the 6th if possible.

We're very peaceful here but are having a bad time with the mud.

Hullo! They've just put 2, 5.9's pretty close so I'll stop for a while.

Well they got it off their chests while we got down in the dugout and there isn't any damage done except our latrine has once more gone west. A 5.9 hit it square on the nose.

You sure do seem awfully keen about entertaining wounded soldiers this 7 o'clock touch must be punk. We don't get up till 8.30 ourselves. I guess I'll have to get hit.

Well there is now news at all to tell so I guess I'll close now. Love to all.