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Date: November 7th 1917


Nov 7th 1917

Dear Dad:-

Am receiving the magazines regularly now and they certainly are welcome. I'm up at the O.P. for the day so please excuse the paper. Things are awfully quiet here now consequently we're going out in a couple of days and shall buzz off to warmer regions.

I went down yesterday and met Humph. Gilbert & Des. MacMahon and we had lunch at the club together. They are both very fit and also very fed up with the war. Jack Price has recovered so has Geof Benson and are coming out pretty soon again. Bill Morris has a stiff leg which may be made all right in a year. They have to wait that long before operating. At present he's in Canada the lucky dog!

Is Norm. Bethune permanent home guard or has he had any guts injected into him lately.

The scenery round here is too familiar, every place you see is where someone you've known or heard of has stopped one so we won't be very sorry to leave. None of us are anxious to get into too hot a place, however, as we aren't all keen to get our names up in the Roll of Honour.

My kit seems to get bigger every day out here and is well over double the 35 lbs allowed.

Must close now with best love to all.