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Date: May 30th 1917

C/62 Battery R.F.A

May 30th 1917

Dear Nen:-

Have been having quite a decent time since I came up to the guns. Night before last I was on duty at the O.P. at night. Was up all night and it was pretty cold but slept all yesterday morning so made up for it.

We have a swell dug out about 30' deep in chalk and it's been proved to be perfectly safe. The battery in front of us was "strafed" with 4.2's this morning so we all got into the dugout to avoid any splinters.

The last few days have been cloudy and cool but no rain thank goodness as we are improving our position all the time. A bosche aeroplane was over a few days ago and although he had all the Archies and about [?] machine guns from our planes trained on him he wasn't touched. One of ours went over their lines about a week ago and reached a school for pilots who were learning. This was pie for him so he crashed six in succession and then came back.

We have no ceiling on the dugout so, as I have an upper "berth", my bed and hair is full of the darn stuff. However these are mere details.

Still getting on well with the other officers which isn't a bit hard as they are all such decent heads, and so far, am not fed up with the war at all although I'd like to be back home all right. I suppose Ella will be cutting a dash in Boston this summer but I'd much rather be in Aylmer myself.

Well, Nen, I guess this'll be enough now. Be sure and keep on writing and the magazines are very useful. I'd like Ainslee's too please.

With love.