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Date: January 3rd 1918

January 3/18

Dear Jessie

[?] your sweet little present a few days ago and thanks so much. If you knew how scarce handkerchiefs were round [?] joint you would realize how much I appreciate it.

I am at the store now so you will have to excuse the writing. came over and hate to go back for it is raining. However rain is mild to what we have having for sleet storms are the usual programme round here now. We have been having some perfectly terrible storms here. I'm so dashed sick of this weather. However we still have a lot to be thankful for. The telephone wires are down all over the country so are the electric wires. Our water supply was cut off too. but think we are getting it back now. It has been positively awful. I planned to go to [?] England last Wednesday 27 of December but have not gone yet and do not expect I will now that it is the last of the holidays. we'll probably go down Easter.

We had exams before Xmas and I passed in all but botany. I failed in it by four marks but made my average all right so we shud worry. our English teacher has left. and I am awfully sorry for she was a great teacher. no one knows how why she had to go and she does not herself. Our domestic Science teacher has gone too. She is going to train for a nurse she is said.

We had a very Happy Xmas here. Don brought in a big tree for us and when it was trimmed it looked awfully nice. Earle sent him a $1.50 [?] [?] and he was tickled to pieces with it. Earle sent me the sweetest pin. 10k gold with the R.F.C. ensign on it. I love it.

Well I must quit. If you answer this quick I'll write you a decent letter in return.

Your loving cousin

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