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Date: February 17th 1917

Bramshot Camp
Feb 17th/ 17

Dear Jessie:

Glad to get your letters this one written Jan 21 and todays 29. I am writing to Father tonight and will put this with his. I had a letter from Sadie today telling me about the time she had and about Johns arrival it is funny you forgot to tell me about it. I got the box of cake you sent today I tell you it is great to get something from home. I got your snaps O.K. They were fine. I guess they think is a better Place to train than Whitley. I guess we all have until we go to France I suppose you are glad your time is of with the church camp. that train is still late it times is it this is the first winter there has been skating here for sometime. you are having pretty cold wether by what you say how are you getting alog with your hospital if I was Gow. I would'nt work on Sunday unless he had to. I am sick of this lot. and Sunday [?] about the same I sent to Ervine to get those songs for you and I will see him tomorrow and Perhaps will get them. it must Keep Gow pretty busy all alone. while Father is sick so Ned got enough of the army. he was'nt in it long enough. to find out what is was like. a fellow aught to get out of the Cradle before. he inlists but I am glad he got out as he is not old enough it its no fun coming over here and then get turned down. I would like to go a Surprise Party at snows. we always had a good time of there you sayd you. were chewing Spruce gum well I would like to have some. I am chewing Spearmint! Tonight the boys are about all out Tonight we got paid a few days ago. I don't know whether I can send the bag pipes or not. will there is nothing much more to write about. So will close with lots of love off Bro Donald. xxxxx

P.S Feb[?]
I was up to see Ervin Mc today he got those songs and will send them to Jennal[?] this week so she will give them to you. hope you get them ok D.R

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Original Scans