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Date: February 5th 1917

Bramshott Camp

Dear Gower:

Got your letter a few days ago. Glad you sent the chocolates. Although I haven't got them yet. I will sure see that Spence gets some of them he hasn't gone to France yet expect to go. Sometime this week. from what I hear. I wish I were with them this is some place we are working eight hours a day. That's going some most of Batt drill six. we drill from 8 to 1 and 2 to 5 not much time off. you ask how [?] and I were left. you know we were in the Pipe Band and they didn't take any of us. I asked Ervin about that play. I guess I told Jessie to tell you. that he did not know where it was. he said you had it the last time he saw it. I suppose you had a great time at [?] they would likely have a better Hall for you to act. I also hope we are home for the next year play. but this war seems to hang on well. you had a card from Violet did you I wrote to her the other day. but couldn't give her my add. we are not allowed to send anything like that to U.S.A. Poor old [? Porman] [? Farnell] is in France I knew Allison. Are you going to the camps this winter or have you enough to do without. Roy certainly made some start they will have their hands full. we just came in off of Church Parade. you know we are in the 17th Reserve Batt'n they are a [?] Batt'n. I don't know wheter we are going to get they or not. Some day we will it is to cold to put them on now though. I had a letter from Harold the other day. he is in pretty thick with Eva isn't he. I hear Ned Snow doesn't like the soldiers much. I don't know what he will do when he gets over here. this is the coldest winter they have had here for 12 years. the ice is strong enough for skating some places Suppose you are having lots . well there is nothing knew to tell you. Suppose you will be buying a car from M.B. this summer. well will close with Love to all. write soon. Aff Bro Don
Thanking you for sending chocolates

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Original Scans