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Date: December 21st 1916

Witley Camp
Dec 21st/16

My Dearest Jessie:

Just a line I got your letter this am. glad as usual to get it. I had a letter from Sadie last. expect one this week as she said she would write every week. it's a dirty trick enough breaking the Brigade up but we are used to the army now so it does not put us out much. we might stay together yet. hope we do. Stan must be getting kind of tired of the army. [?] will be kind of old for him to chum around with. I would not send a whit feather to anyone if a fellow does not want to enlist I would not ask him to how is Alf he must be well if he is trying to go with Katie. I was just telling Ervin the other say I suppose Alf was rushing Kate since he got back Poor fellow. So Harold has cut [?] out some. [?] will have to wake up or he will take [?] away especially when he gets that car. don't talk about rain it is pouring here today we get lots of rain. Spence got his box from you I suppose he wrote you. Just three more day till xmas hope you will have a good which you will as Sadie and [?] are going up. we are not going on pass but will get one later on. I would like to go to Scotland before leaving here but it takes to much money Spence has been on guard all this week. I have not seen him since Sunday night.

well I must call this off with Lots of Love to you all

Aff Bro Donald


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