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Date: January 10th 1918

[? Dugout in] France

My Dearest Father:

Received your letter yesterday was very glad to hear from you. Also had a letter from Jessie a few days ago the Mail has been [?] up someplace don't know where Perhaps on acct. of the explosion in Hfx. that was a terrible thing Mr. [?] that wrote you was in our Platoon for a while he is some relation of Major [?] in Hfx. Nephew I think

we had quite a snow storm yesterday but is quite soft today. it is better in the trenches when it is frozen

I was telling Doug that you the Black Mare of Mr. Bently. I said I bet you would not have her long. I told him you would sell her to Cum. Hilchy. So you say in your letter that you have sold her to him.

I had a letter from John yesterday he seems to be busy this winter hope he goes easy I had a nice box from Aunt Jannet a few days ago.

Most of the boys have had a lot of parcels this year and we have had lots to eat lately there is not much more to tell you.

I suppose all of the young folks have been Skating before this oh how good it would be to get into [?] life again but I don't think it will be long now. but me thought that a long time ago.

I don't think there is anything more I can write tonight well say bye bye

Love to all from Loving Son Donald

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