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Date: June 3rd 1917

June 3rd/17

Dearest Jessie:

I started a letter to you today but tonight I came in and find a letter from you written May 14 I was awfully glad to get it there are some letters that I hav'nt gotten yet the one telling me about John being sick you say in tonights letter that he is doing fine and something about an operation well I never knew he was sick but glad to know he is better and hope to know soon about what the trouble is did he go to Hfx? Jacky is sure pretty young for getting both I had one of mine out this a.m. one of the big ones I have ten more to get fixed of yet. I hate getting it done but it is great when it is over. I suppose you will take music lessons when the teacher comes take them if you can. I wish I could Play the Piano was over to the Batt to night and say Doug and Vic had quite a walk Spence is not back yet I hav'nt heard from him since he left I guess he does'nt know where I am. Who is Ira going to get if he get married?"

Can you run a car well enough to take it from Hfx when he gets into it he will want to buy one. I suppose you would'nt like to have one. This has been a great day. I got a letter from you two days ago written April 13th. What is Ingles Sprott going to do with the McQuinn Place. you know I think little Musq would look pretty good to me just now. I just see them taking some German Prisoners Post, they look quite happy. the boys are arguing which was the best Batt to come over seas, its a pretty hard question. I had a letter from Ken a few days ago. I saw a ball game today the first ball game I ever watched on Sunday. its Pretty hard to keep track of the days here. I think I will put this away for tonight if I can think of anything tomorrow I will finish up Well Jessie I guess there is nothing more for this time hope John is well again. with Lots of Love to all

Aff Bro Don xxxxxx

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