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Date: July 25th 1917

July 25th/17

Dearest Father:

Just a few lines I wrote to Jessie last Sunday but hav'nt heard from you Since of for a week or so we are going in the line soon, theres not to write about tonight Spencer as you know befor this was made Sgt. A while ago.

We were supposed to have a month out of the line this time but they are cutting it short. We should have about two weeks more but we can go in any time we have to its nto as nice as it is out here but perhaps the war won't last long.

I saw Ernest Besh[?] last night you remember him Adam's son he is well has got a pretty good job in the artillery driving

Well Father I will write you when I come out of the line. I suppose you still have the new horse. I got a Picture of the colt from Ellen the other day, it is quite good. Spencer thinks he will be a good one. I guess likely he will be well its getting kind of late will stop this for tonight.

With lots of love to all.

Off Son Don

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