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Date: July 3rd 1917

July 3rd/17

Dearest Father:

Just got your letter last night and one from Jessie which was written the 1st of June and one from Jess written June 11th. we just came out of the trenches yesterday a.m. we had a mighty hard trip in [?] in for six days A.B. Coy went over top about three hundred yds and C.D. over about 4. I guess we advanced about a mile its pretty hard work but we made the germans run. which is not very hard to do. Harry Gladwin was the only boy from home. that was wounded he got right through the foot which will let him off doe the duration of the war I think. I guess we are out for a rest for two or three weeks don't know just how long Jessie say you have not had any letters from me for three weeks that seems funny I write every week. How is John Archibald and B. Getteny along with their cars

it will likely pay you to hang on to that colt how in [?] [?] horse Spencer

had a letter from Sadie last night you say you just put your garden in I hope we are there next year when you put it in a [?] we have had some pretty cold and wet weather this last two weeks but is fine again well father I don't think there is much more I can write about I hope you can read this it is awful. I must scratch a line to Jessie. [?]

Close hoping you are all well with Lots of Love Son Don

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Original Scans