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Date: July 3rd 1916

July 3 1916

Dear Father:-

Recd. Sadies letter the other day, was glad to hear from home was sorry to hear that John had decided to leave but I suppose he knows best what to do.

How is Mr. McQuinn? Sade said he wasn't expected to live, (poor fellow).

Was Ervin McCurdy turned down or did he get aboard the boat? to bad if he has been turned down again, I dont think he would worry much; I guess most of the boys are getting tired of this war and military life; dont blame them much.

Well I think this war is surely taken a turn for better, hope so anyway. I would not be surprised if we had another winter of it though, but we may not. We hope for best.

Has Aunt Sarah heard anything of Dub lately I would like to know where he is. They say 64th is all broken up.

The Brigade had quite a long march the other day. (too long). [?] made quite a fuss about it; good many boys fell out. Dourice and Vic. did well. I was not on it.

How is business? Suppose business is rushing.

Prior Logan was in here tonight. He has joined 193rd suppose you know; don't know what his idea was in joining that Battn, must be getting promotion.

There is talk that the 85th is going back to Hfx. to do guards. Hope we do, kind of dry down here.

Might be home for a while week or two haying time, most of boys going to try, dont know whether we will get it or not. Well write soon, Love to all. Aff Son Spence

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