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Date: May 8th 1918

May 8 18.

My Dear Father -

Just a line I got your letter a few days ago which you know when Jessie got an answer. Well how are you all getting along? I also got the witness which I was very glad to get. It almost made me home sick to read some of the notes in it that was a fine letter you got from Colonel Bordau[?] He wrote you the truth, the fellow that was in the shell hole with Spence said it was the Col. first shook hands with him and on his way back around the line found him wounded. I am sending you the witness also the testament that Spencer had with him it has in it a German Post card.

Well this is a dandy day it is sure good to see the sun it has been quite dirty for these last few days.

Well the day we were out to the Old Ladies in Edinburgh we sure had some fun that lady that wrote to Jessie was an Irish lady and she was funny very nice gave us a fine tea. Well I suppose Vic is home long before this.

You will miss Mr. McIntosh I sent him a Photo the other day don't know whether I did right or not is he taking his family with him? "Do you remember Courtney Brown?" he is going to the Flying Corps. he leaves here tomorrow night, he is sure lucky. I am hoping I will be in that.

Well you got quite a raise of price for the Mail Route. I just wish I was there to drive it for you of course there is no place like France just now, you know what I mean. Not that I like it but feel that it is my place just now.

I tell you one horse is enough to feed with oats so high. It must cost John a lot to feed his - I suppose he has a car now.

Poor old Ralph Logan go wounded pretty badly in the leg. I guess he got hit in both. Has Mrs Day hear from Cas yet? he told me he would write as soon as he could. he just got a nice Blighty. Art Fox got a bullet in the stomache but he is alright. I guess it went into his chest through one lung, that's three of our boys all in one night. Ralph Logan may loose his leg but I hope he does not, but I guess he is away from here for good. Well I guess I will have to stop for this time I have to go for a bath.

Good Morning
Love to all
Loving Son Don

P.S. Excuse Paper
P.S. Please when you seen me money send it Reg. just in the Bill it is so hard to get a Postal note phoned[?] I had [rest missing]

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