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Date: November 21st 1917

Nov 21st/17

Dearest Father:

Just a few lines today. I got Jessies letter some few days ago but have not had much chance to write lately.

We are in a small town for a short time and we are making good use of the time off when we can get into a town. the people are fine here there are lots of good French men and women and a lot that are very ugly. I tell you we miss poor old Spencer we always went everywhere together makes it pretty lonesome only Doug Ralph and I here Rathe L. just came from Eng a few days ago.

The Coy Clerk was a casualty so the C.S.M. gave me the job which is a lot better than going on parade and in the trench night and day of course there is not much work in at times but it is mostly head work keeping the books straight. Doug B. has been made Sgt.

I have been getting Spencers mail I suppose you got my letter telling you all about how he was killed. tell me if you did not.

Has Don Logan gone away yet to train?

This Conscription won't touch Gower at all will it? I hope not.

How is John hope he doesn't start to work too soon and get set back

I got the P.O. order a few days ago. I wrote the M.O.D. about not getting the one you sent so they sent me a new one which is just the same.

After this when you are sending me money. Please send it registered. I can get it changed much easier

The box of cake which Jess sent I have not received it yet. but got the box which Gower sent I don't believe I ever wrote and thanked him for it but will in a few days.

Jessie must be getting to be a big girl. those are dandy snaps of you taken at Shest Harbor. Suppose you have put the car away for the winter. Well Father I have been scribbling for a while bit have not told you much news but I guess I will stop for this time.

with Lots of Love to All
Loving Son Donald

P.S. The receiver that we had taken never came. I don't think they ever will you can't depend much on the French people I hope they come yet. Don.

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