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Date: November 4th 1917

Nov 4th/17

My Dear Father:

Well Father you will no doubt know before this that we have been in a big fight. one of the biggest yet.

This is the first time that I have had to write you that it was not an absolute pleasure even now I am glad that I can tell you just the way Spencer died

Spencer was wounded in the stomach left side. he was dressed soon as possible and carried to the dressing station. that was about two Oclock wed afternoon but he died in a bout half an hour

Well Father we have [page torn] some very hard fighting

We went into the trenches on Sunday night Oct. 19th. We started to drive the Hun on Tuesday A.M. the Hun has lots of machine guns in his trench but we soon moved him out of that and he ran. We then followed him to our objective which we helled until relieved on wed night.

We only had one officer and one Sgt. when consolidated and that was Spencer.

Poor boy. He was carrying on with his duties until he got hit, which he sure did willfully. I was talking with the Medical about him and he told me that if Spencer suffered he didn't let on. he said it was the shock that killed him it is so great when a fellow gets wounded, especially in the stomach and it was too great for his constitution

Well Father I can tell you that he was one of our best Sgts. and we had a lot of them. He was always doing all he could for his Coy and B.N. The boys all thought a lot of him. I tell you I will miss him awfully he would give me anything he had down to his last [page torn]. It's hard for me to realize that he is gone. It did seem a little like home here when we all got together. now there is David and myself here

Spencer just told one of the boys before he got hit that there hadn't been any boys from home killed yet. Said he didn't want to boast about it. I feel so sorry for you all when you get the sad news. Poor little Jessie.

Father you will be pleased to know that he fell doing his duty which he always did well.

I was speaking with Capt Clarke the next day and he said he was going to write you and Sadie

Well Father I hope you will not worry we know that he is safe now with God.

I don't think I will write any more today
Vic Hanna is in Hosp. with an absess on his knee.
Ralph Logan on Pass.

Will close for now
May God be with you all

Lots of Love to All
Your Son Don.

Walter Logan was killed, write as often as you can, must write Alex.

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