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Date: May 28th 1918

May 28th..18

Dearest Father:

Just a few lines this a.m. before I start my work. the boys are moste all out on Parade. How are you all? I have not heard from you for some time I don't know just how long.
the mail comes in very slow these days. I guess they use all the ships and trains for other purposes. I suppose you are getting the seed in at least the ground ready I may call on you for some money in the near future if I get in to the Flying Corps I don't know yet whether I will need any money or not. I hope I will not. but I suppose if I send for it I can get it O.K. I surely hope the transfer comes through befor long what do you think of me trying it?

If you were here you would not wonder at me if you new how much better it was than the Inf. is. of course it is dangerous at times. and so is the Inf.

I started this letter yesterday a.m and will try to add a few more words to it. today we are having lovely wether just like July. How is Gow this spring he does'nt seem to write much to me at least Perhaps he has some one else to write to and take up all his spare time well how do you think Vic looks? he must be awfully glad to get home. and they would he glad to see him one of the Wadrope boys from Mcford got home the same time he lost one of his eyes. I had a letter from John a few days ago I guess he has lots of work to do- that suits him OK at least it used to, and I suppose it does yet.

If you see Vic you might tell him to write once in awhile

I suppose you have not seen Capt Clark yet Perhaps he is not home yet he said he would see Sadie and would go and see you also. I hope he does.

Well I think I will ring off for this time.

Lots of Love to all

Loving Son Don

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