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Date: May 20th 1918

May 20. 18.

Dear Sis Jessie:

Received your letter yesterday was awfully glad to get it as you know. You ask me if I have lost my Job as Coy Clerk I have not and hope I don't until I leave the Batt if I ever do.

When I wrote that letter to you and told you about making up the rations I was in the trenches I have not missed a trip in the trenches with the Batt since I came over.

Making up the rations is part of my work in the line at least I do it to help the Sgt Major. it is quite a job. 200 at night in the line is just about the same as the day we do moste of our stuking[?] at the daytime.

I hope you are not thinking of capturing any young men yet a while.

I guess Bill Horme has been slightly wounded.

My transfer is going though for the Flying Corps I was up befor the Bugaleir yesterday. he wanted to know how I pronounced the mame of the place I came from. I told him and then he asked what the meaning of it was. Well the only thing I know was about the old Indian, and told him that he laughed about it.

How is Trudi A. getting along I hope she is O.K.

I did'nt know that Mrs. Sidy was away. Is Jack Sidgwrak back yet? or is he still on the train?

Well this is a perfect day the place is very pretty the foliage is very nice we had a dandy church Parade. this A.M. in the open air we had a Commoner Service after the General Service.

I would like to see the Picture of Mag. A I suppose she has grown up to be quite a lady

Yes I do wish I were there to take the mail to Murchyville. I would not mind the mud after what I have waded through over here. Of course I know its not pleasant at all. I never saw any of the work done by wounded soldiers. Is Art Snow going to the Flying Corps? I heard he was where was he wounded? I never heard

How does Don L like the Soldiers of course at his work he will never know what a solider has to do Well I will have to ring off.

Lots of Love to all
Loving Bro Donald

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